The State of Modern Music

We all love music and it has certainly changed our very way of thinking, but do you think music is better off today or 30 years ago? Modern music has been a popular genre for millions around the world but there are still lots of questions unanswered over the state of the modern music industry. Is modern music really better than that of yesteryear? Can modern music be the way forward and what sort of state is it really in?

More Rivalries and Overspills

Modern music is in an almost downward spiral. Why? Well, there are lots of artists who are rivals to one another and it’s not just on the stage, off-stage they are bitter rivals and that happens to sometimes spill over into music. It’s not always the best profile to bring to the new generation and today, it’s far too over-advertised and over-sexed. Of course, that is modern music and modern times but it’s getting old fast. Good music isn’t being enjoyed as much as it was simply because it’s a totally different character than before. Continue reading for more detailed information about modern music.

The State of Modern Music

Classic Music from the ’60s and ’80s Are Triumphant

There is no denying music from the 1960s and 1980s are probably some of the best ever. Now, there are many greats today but songs from those eras are triumphant because they were the first of their kind and they were some of the very best. You can’t argue the music styles from back then are worst than today. Modern music can, at times, be in a terrible state simply because it’s not as memorable as times before.

Modern Music Has a Lot to Be Desired

You can’t say there aren’t many great artists of the modern era that have showcased their best and really made an impact on the music industry because there have been many greats, but are they better than before? Modern music can’t be compared to music from another era as they are totally different and in a way, not better than each other. You have music from classical times which have really been stunning and then pieces from modern times that have also been stunning but they aren’t in the same league as one another. In way, you can’t beat classic songs simply because they remain even after decades and millions of other songs. That’s why sometimes modern music is in a state which doesn’t live up to classical eras.

What Does the Future Hold?

Music is a fickle fad because there are years when it’s just fantastic and others when it’s a real let down. It’s easy to see why there are many who say modern music is in a terrible state and that more needs to be done to impress this new era of music. However, one thing is for sure, it’s always going to be around. Music isn’t going anywhere and it’s going to be a firm favourite for many. Modern music is unique in its own right and you can’t argue some fantastic artists offer some amazing tunes.